Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Christmas card

Snowflake Wishes Cranberry Holiday
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Latest pic of our newest addition!!

On Saturday we got to take the kids to Storkvision to get a peek at what is actually in Mom's belly!! It was pretty exciting and awesome to be able to see her moving around (she didn't stop moving for most of the appt!!) and get that glimpse of what she will look like. She really likes to have her hands up by her face and would once in a while put her fingers in her mouth. We may have our first thumb/finger sucker on our hands!!

Josh and I then attended his Squadron Christmas party that night and I didn't realize until we were both in our pj's afterwards that I never got a single pic of the two of us dressed up!! I cannot believe that I didn't document such a momentous occasion!! :o) We had a lot of fun at the party, though, and ate some wonderful food at Superior Steakhouse. I had salmon and Josh had steak--yum!!

Other than that we are just gearing up for Christmas. We are staying in Louisiana for the big day and are just going to enjoy being home together as a family. (Last year Josh missed Christmas with us) Jeremy is going to come over and we are also having Amber and Caitlyn over as well, which will be a lot of fun. It's Caitlyn's first Christmas!! (Paul, husband and Dad, is deployed right now :o( ).

Well, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hold the presses....Finally a new post!!

Hi everyone!!! It has a been a very busy couple of months for us...We are finally settled down here in good ol' Louisiana--and by settled I mean down to only minimal boxes left to unpack!! The house itself still has a ways to go in terms of organization and decor, but the kids, Josh, and I are all 'settled' into our new routines of school, work, gymnastics, etc...We are really enjoying it down here and are finding it a nice change of scenery to live off of base. The kids both love their schools that they are attending--Gwen is a First Grader and Evan is in Preschool. Evan is enjoying school so much that he asked me a while ago why his day couldn't be longer. "Why does Gwen get to come home after me? Aren't I a big kid too?" A little part of me was surprised that he didn't want to hang out with Mom, but the bigger part of me was thrilled that he is enjoying his independence so much and is so ready for school. :)

Our other big news, that anyone who happens to read this probably already knows, is that we are expecting another baby!! He or she will be joining our family sometime around the 8th of March! The kids especially are so excited and keep asking me if the baby is ready to come out yet! Josh and I are extremely excited as well, although it's strange to be heading back into the land of midnight feedings and diapers after 4 and half years!! :)

Well, I apparently need a tutorial on how to do this since I can't seem to post pics wherever I want to so you'll have to bear with me as I try and figure this blogging business out!! I hope that all of you are doing well and I will try and keep up on this more than once a year!! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here I go into the wild, blue blogging world...

Hello everyone! I've decided that since I love checking out my friends' blogs and have found it such a fantastic way to keep up with everyone that I must start my own!! It's probably not going to be very fancy or even pretty as I muddle my way through so you'll just have to bare with me. :)

The most recent big accomplishments for our family have been the kids going off to school!! Gwen just started Kindergarten and absolutely loves it!! She comes home every day with fun stories about what she did at school, who said what, and requests for playdates! Anyone that knows Gwen knows that she is my little social butterfly--she is happiest when she has a friend or two around. Gwen is in school every day until 2:45, which has been a huge adjustment for Evan and I. Around noon we both start looking at the clock just waiting for the moment we can leave to go pick Gwen up.

The upside to Gwen being in school for much of the day is that it is giving Evan and I a lot more one on one time together, which is very precious time indeed. We've been going to the library, bowling, and whatever else strikes Evan's fancy that day. Evan is also attending school...He attends a Home Preschool every Wed and Fri for 3 hrs. Miss Krystal, his teacher, is beyond wonderful and she sends me pictures after each school day so that I can see the fun he's having there as he learns.

Well, I really hope that this will pan out as a fun way to keep in touch with our scattered friends and family. Much love to you all!!!